The Body Oil

This is an oil blend for the whole body. It can be used for the hair as well. It is an expensive mix, as it contains many oils for multiple skin benefits.

The philosophy behind this blend is "skin food". Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Not only is it protecting us from environmental factors, it also helps in multiple processed in the body. One of the jobs we don't pay enough attention to is its nutrition.

I use the oil for a healthier skin as I suffer from psoriasis, which gets extremely uncomfortable in the winter and during high-stress periods. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, as well as some minerals beneficial for the skin, this oil helped me get results after only three weeks of using it, together with a full body care routine designed to improve my skin condition.

The routine:

  • Warm bath with Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt twice a week, in the evening. Minimum 30 minutes, no rinse, no soap, no shampoo or similar.
  • The Body Oil (once a week mixed with CeraVe Body Lotion, once a week clean)
  • Oral supplements: Multi vitamin and mineral in the morning. Magnesium, fish oil, zinc, and C vitamin in the evening.
  • Evening tea: 2 parts liquorice root, 2 parts mint, 1 part chamomile.

Any step of the routine, by itself, is beneficial, but does not yield the desired result, which is complete withdrawal/calming of the psoriasis lesions. However, since the routine is demanding on my time and energy, I stick with one or two of the steps for maintenance of the results (not always successful).

NOTE: The oil absorbs very slowly. Since it is a 100% natural oil blend focused on skin benefits, the blend is not optimized for fast absorption.


The following quantities will give you roughly 2.1L of oil for 4 x 500ml bottles and a 100ml bottle.

  1. Brown glass bottles with tight lid - 4 x 500ml.
  2. Brown glass bottles with pipette - 1 x 100ml - optional.
  3. Pump for the bottle in use.
  4. Oils:
    • Sesame (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Black cumin (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Almond (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Apricot kernel (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Borage (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Baobab (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Pomegranate (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Grape seed (organic) - 50ml
    • Broccoli (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Argan (organic) - 50ml
    • Rosehip seed (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • Jojoba (organic, cold-pressed) - 50ml
    • MCT8 (organic) - 100ml
    • Evening primrose (organic, cold-pressed) - 150ml
    • Avocado (organic) - 150ml
    • Macademia nut (organic, cold-pressed) - 150ml
    • Pumpkin seed (organic, cold-pressed) - 250ml
    • Hemp (organic) - 200ml
    • Linseed (organic) - 500ml
  5. Essential oils, quantity for the whole mixture:
    • Lavender - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Oregano - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Lime - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Peppermint - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Rosemary - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Eucalyptus - 20 drops (5 drops / 500ml bottle, 1 drop / 100ml bottle)
    • Frankincense - 40 drops (10 drops / 500ml bottle, 2 drops / 100ml bottle)
    • Geranium - 40 drops (10 drops / 500ml bottle, 2 drop / 100ml bottle)


  1. Blend all the oils together in a large, non-metallic container.
  2. Pour into the 500 ml bottles using a funnel.
  3. Add the essential oils directly in the 500ml bottles (divide the quantities by number of bottles).
  4. Put the lid on and tighten it.
  5. Store in a cool, dry, and dark place.

What is left of the oil mixture, I pour in the small pipette bottle. I sometimes add essential oils to this bottle too, but I keep the quantities on the lower and safer side - 1 and 2 drops, respectively. I use the oil mix in the small bottle under my night cream or when traveling.

Install the pump on the 500ml bottle you use, and pump carefully. This is an expensive oil, so you don't want to spill it.